Job-Related Injuries Often Result in Compensation

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When you are denied workers' compensation following an injury, it's frustrating and discouraging. However, you still have options. Mark L. Ashburn will work to make sure you receive the medical care and benefits you deserve. We'll provide you with an experienced workers' compensation lawyer to work on your claim. Hiring a professional attorney ensures your paperwork is filed legally and efficiently.

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When should you contact a workers' comp attorney?

When should you contact a workers' comp attorney?

Under workers' compensation law, employers are required to compensate you if you're injured on the job. However, your employer may look for loopholes or other reasons to deny your claim. You should contact a workers' compensation lawyer if:

  • You're unable to work
  • You're only able to work part time
  • You aren't getting the correct benefits
  • Your medical benefits have been denied
  • You have pre-existing disabilities
  • You'd like to dispute an employer or insurance company's decision
  • You need surgery for your injury
  • You qualify for permanent or partial disability

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